Barilla would like to unveil the secrets of La Collezione for you: a selection of special pasta shapes, ideal to challenge your creativity in the kitchen. With Barilla you can create authentic Italian pasta dishes, rich in flavour and imagination, because every shape in La Collezione is of a very particular nature, perfect in retaining both simple sauces as well as the creative, bringing out all the personality of your recipes.


La Collezione from Barilla offers many different different shapes for you to create original and elegant dishes, and guarantees the quality you can rely on. Barilla's passion for pasta started in 1877, and today as much as yesterday, Barilla pays as much attention as ever to producing finest quality pasta by choosing the best durum-wheat and carefully controlling the production process, right up to the final inspection.


La Collezione from Barilla offers Tagliatelle and Lasagne, both prepared according to traditional recipes, where the egg pasta enhances the flavour of all sauces, from the most full-bodied to the lightest. If you are seeking a unique pasta which tempts all the senses, try the filled Tortellini, in which the pasta encloses a parcel full of flavour. If on the other hand you prefer classic flavours, choose more fanciful and elegant shapes, such as Casarecce and Conchiglie Rigate under Shapes.