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Tortiglioni are one of the many variations of Maccheroni, one of the most famous pasta shapes from Naples.
The name has a well defined origin: "Tortiglione" is a characteristic design from the lathe used in pasta manufacturing, with vertical ridges, just like the ridges that characterise the Tortiglioni shape.
This is a truly versatile shape that traditionally is best matched with a full bodied sauce.



Tortiglioni have an unmistakable elegance thanks to their boldness. Their shape seems designed to welcome all sauces, which run voluptuously both inside and outside, and within the ridges, to please your taste buds with all their flavours.

How to use

Tortiglioni is great with thick and full flavoured sauces, such as an elaborate ragu or elegant cream and mushroom sauce. They are also ideal to bake with. Rigatoni, and other medium-large size pasta shapes, are best matched with a vegetable sauce: Barilla suggest trying them with Porcini Mushrooms or with a cheese sauce and lentils.

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