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Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate are loved everywhere in Italy, where the name is changed according to different regions. For example, in Umbia they are called "spole" and in the south "maltagliati". A cultural phenomenon, well renowned for their versatility, they solve every situation, even the most unexpected one: from a last minute pasta dish with friends, to the most traditional family reunion with an enormous hot dish of Penne all' Arrabbiata or with ragu'.

Penne Rigate


As part of a fascinating range of variations, Penne have always been suitable for the most creative recipes: Barilla's wide range is a proof of our commitment to satisfy the taste buds of the whole family.
With ridges, smooth, small, or "candela" style, all are characterised by the angled end cut, "pen" style, which, with its dynamic approach, is different to the more classic, straight shape of Maccheroni. Smooth or with ridges? Italy is divided in opinion, and both sides plenty of reasons. Penne Rigate lovers praise their irreplaceable ability to hold the sauce, while Penne Lisce supporters love the elegant sensations that the smooth surface offers to the palate.

How to use

Penne Rigate perfectly marry with every type of sauce, from the traditional meat or tomato based, to the more creative and original ones with vegetables or cheese. Thanks to their slim shape, they are able to create perfect pasta bake dishes ready to triumph on every special occasion meals. The slender Penne Rigate shape also perfectly marry with richer sauces, such as the classic "boscaiola".

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