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Mezze Penne Tricolore

Mezze Penne Tricolore

Try Barilla Classic Blue Box's Mezze Penne Tricolore. This colorful pasta is a favorite for pasta salads, but also goes great with many different sauces!

Mezze Penne Tricolore


The Mezze Penne Tricolore pay homage to the colours of the Italian flag with one of the most popular pasta shapes. As with the larger version Penne, Mezze Penne resemble an old-style quill pen. Mezze Penne Tricolore have been created for those looking for new flavours and colours, combining our semolina with delicious spinach and tomato pasta.

How to use

Prized for its wonderful versatility and its ability to absorb and retain sauce on its surfaces, inside and out, this shape is also ideal for pasta salads.

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