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Linguine originated from Genoa and is shaped like flattened spaghetti.  Linguine was created to accompany traditional pesto sauces, but is also a perfect match for all vegetable and seafood based sauces.




Due to its flattened, slightly convex shape, Linguine is one of the long cut pastas best at enhancing sauce flavors.

How to use

Linguine is superb when combined with Genovese Pesto, which is rich in basil, one of the most important herbs in Mediterranean cooking.  For seafood lovers, try Linguine with a sauce made from spinach, tomatoes, clams and seasoned with garlic and shallots.  Health conscious?  A twist on a traditional Linguine recipe is Zucchini Carbonara, which uses the mildly flavoured vegetable in place of pancetta.

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