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Fusilli are born in the centre-south of Italy, and get their name by the "fuso", the knitting tool used to roll up the wool. Their shape is created by three small wings harmoniously twisted on themselves, in a spiral movement, which captures every type of sauce.



You cannot go wrong with Fusilli: they enhance the most elaborate and richest sauce, as well as the simplest, and always deliver great results even in the most challenging recipe.

How to use

Fusilli are perfectly suited to rich meat or ricotta based sauces, but reveal their versatility in the freshness of pasta salads: finely chopped vegetables get caught in the spirals, even more delicious when accompanied by the sweet notes of olive oil.
If you are looking for a smart idea for everyday, Barilla suggests to try them with the Barilla Basilico sauce and fine herbs; if you prefer a fancier alternative cook them with asparagus and ham: cook both pasta and asparagus to the "al dente" bite, enrich the dish with the delicate flavour of ham, and success is guaranteed.

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