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Conchiglie Rigate

Conchiglie Rigate

Conchiglie Rigate are one of the most popular shapes in Italy thanks to their ability to work with every sauces. Their unique shell shapes make them one of the best known and loved pasta around the world.

Conchiglie Rigate


Conchiglie Rigate have a graceful concave shape and skillful external ridges which allow them to hold all sauces. A real artistic masterpiece in the kitchen.

How to use

Thanks to this majestic shape, they are perfect for sauces that want to be hold up in their welcoming shape and are also great in the rich pasta bake dishes: their wide cavity holds all flavours, releasing them to the palate in all their fragrance.
Barilla suggests trying them with sauces from the "poor cuisine", born from traditional recipes typical of the different regions. Puglia is among the most successful regions to appreciate their local products from the land and the sea, and from their traditional cuisine originates this tasty sauce with mussels, broccolini and cherry tomatoes: a symphony of Mediterranean fragrances and colours.

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